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I think fiber supps make ibs -c worse , at least it did for me ,my doc told me to try it for a week instead of the weekly mineral oil enemas I had to get for the last 6 years . Doc said it will help me go potty evey day , instead of every 3-4 days like I was at that time .The probnlem was poor diet( cheese and breAd in large amounts daily,causing me to have painfully large dry compacted stools that wee so painful to pass I would delay going to avoid the terrible pain that would occur .So when I tried the fiber supp , the next day when I woke up , I ran to the toilet and felt like I was passing a bowling ball ,and it was stuck in in my colon .I strained ,pushed ,squatted on the seat,sat sideways holding on e cheek apart ,nothing I did could help me pass that fiber packed lincoln log .By the end of that day I was doubled over lying on ,my bed in agony in my guts . Finally my mom took pity on my situation and went to the drugstore and bought me an enema to help soften up the brick in my bowels .I was too much in pain to even stand up to take off my clothes ,she took off my shoes ,then I raised up enoughfor her to slide one leg of my boxers down so half my butt was bared and she gave it to me right then and there .Mom was a nurse for 27 years ,she knew I was not going t pass this stool without a lot of pain ,so she brought out a bed pan and suggsted I assume the squat position to go potty .Well 3 minutes after the enema was churning in my tummy, I felt the urge to go potty NOW .I squatted like I never got to before ,and poppped out a poop as big as my arm and just as thick too .I could see the fiber material( totally different color and texture) packed aound the outside ofthe stool like a glove ,thats what made it feel like concrete inside me .That was the last time I took iber again
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