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OMG..I didn't know there was anyone out there like me! I was doing research on IBS and found this site. I've spent hours reading the panels and I had no idea there are so many stuggling with the same issues.I was diagnosed with Fibro a year ago and now have a medicine regiment that helps me cope, but for the past 4 months, I have been having chronic diaherra. I have undergone multiple tests only for them now to suggest I have IBS. Stupid me, I knew in the back of my head that IBS can come along with Fibro, but I thought IBS meant constipation. Now I get it, but it just makes the acceptance more difficult. I'm back to the mental issue of having medical problems that the common person just doesn't understand and feeling like I AM mental. It's so hard because I don't look sick. And I'm tired of someone asking me how I feel because they know I'm struggling with all of this. I try to stay positive, but when you get sick every time you eat and your body just screams for relief, it is sometimes impossible to handle. Then the depression sets in. It's a vicous cycle. I want so bad for my body to cooperate. This had altered my life so much and it's so hard to have a fund time. Having what I'm told now is IBS, makes going out a dinner a hardship. I hate it!I'm relieved to know I can now talk to other's who really understand.
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