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Hi Aimee,I have not had any experience with Lotrenex either. I use to have lots of D problems, but since colon surgery a year ago it's more C. And now, since my Urologist put me on Ditropan XL for frequent urination, I am really having C. Ugh!! Today I didn't take the med 'cause I wanted to "go". Finally, tonight, some relief!!! I'm going to have to increase my fiber, big time, to counteract the effects of the med. Always something. By the way, I made some of Mammamia's fiber muffins today. They are delicious!! Hopefully, the muffins will help me with the fiber "thing". I hear the Lotronex has helped so many. With all I've read about it, I think that as long as you remain under a Doctor's care while taking it, by all means, take it. There are side effects to just about every med out there and I think they "cried wolf" a little too fast.Karen
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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