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first w/ pills

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Problem here....I have been taking Immodium when needed (anytime I go out and might eat) and it works great. Suddenly, it is not working anymore and I had D after I ate a TINY bit of pasta (and it wasn't the first time it hasn't worked- it also did this about a week before). I am also going to Ohio this weekend , ive never been anywhere ever so I was counting on immodium to keep me ok and all of a sudden it doesn't work! Does anyone know of any pills that do the same thing but are stronger???? I dont know what to do!
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If you happen to try Lomotil, make sure and try it before you leave for your trip. I asked my doctor for something stronger for our week long trip last month. And he gave me Lomotil. I tried it a few days before we left. For one it did NOTHING for my D, I seemed even more sick. And it made me light headed and very sleepy. Knocked me out cold actually! I really didn't like the way it made me feel.But others here have said that it worked great for them. So as with everything it works different depending on the person. I would just try it and make sure it works before you go! Nothing worse then finding out something doesn't work when your far away from home!I'm having the same problem with Immodium right now. It's worked really well for me for the past 4 years. And now I'm taking 4 a day and even then I get sick. That really scares me because Immodium was all that I had. I'm going to talk to my doctor next month about how many is safe for me to take daily. And I'm also starting the calcium again. Hoping for some relief!I hope you have an IBS free trip!!
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do you think if i start calcium or fiber it will help? I used to take fibercon but for some reason i stoppped...
oh i am driving...about 5 hrs
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