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Hi Soccer Mom,If it's not too late and if your insurance will pay for it, and since you have to go to the hospital anyway, I would ask my doctor to do the colonoscopy instead of the flex sig. The flex sig only examines the sigmoid or decending colon..not the whole colon. Lots of times if the flex sig comes out OK, the doctor will want to do the colonoscopy anyway to make sure the whole colon is disease-free, which would mean you will have to go through that awful prep twice. It would be much better to get it all over with in one shot. In my opinion the flex sig is a waste of time and money. Good luck with what ever you decide.P.S. If it is peace of mind you are looking for, the flex sig won't give you that because only a portion of the colon will be examined. The colonscopy will give you 100% peace of mind knowing the whole colon has been examined.------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose[This message has been edited by Rose (edited 03-16-2000).]
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