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Flu and IBS worsening

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Hey folksI had the flu 2 months ago and my IBS C&D has been worse ever since. I'm having a hard time getting down enough calories to maintain my weight. I'm going in for an upper gi series, again, but I expect them to say the same old thing: "You have a motility problem". No ****! Any similar experiences with flu or colds?
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Badfoot, sorry to hear that, to IBSers the flu is the pits. I feel for you. Try some probiotics as that might help. Also with the eating try to get a regular eating schedule down. The flu can throw your biorhythms off and eating schedule off and that can upset the IBS.------------------
If a bloated feeling is keeping you from eating (the I feel full but I only ate a little bit, or the I ate 6 hours ago and still feel full) digestive enzymes sometimes help with that. I only get that way when I have to take massive amounts of antihistamines (long story) and the ones I picked up at GNC helped alot with that.K.
It's possible that you may still have the flu. There've been reports of a few going around that last for months and months before they go away.Or alternatively the flu really threw your bowels out of whack. I'll agree with eric here and say that getting on a regular eating schedule might help that.
A stomach virus or flu that other people get too (sometimes its hard to tell which I have)almost always lingers longer for me, sometimes for a few weeks. I find that I become very food intolerant at those times, it helps to eat smaller meals more frequently, but sometimes the D just seems to get the better. I cant really say that I do anything special to get it to go away, it just eventually does I guess (probably just my IBS flareup calms down), it can be very discouraging in the meantime. The regular flu-influenza-fever, nausea, cough, wiped out feeling, etc. also seems to have a stomach component for me, I just got over a flu-like illness, no fever, yes-sore throat, tons of post nasal drip, nausea, altered BM's (more than what is Normal for me)and even this type kicked up my IBS but thankfully not real bad. Yup you definately have a motility problem, so do I, but you already knew that
I hope you start to feel better soon, do give probiotics a shot, my IBS C and D flared (the D) after antibiotics and probiotics/acidopholas in particular really helped me turn the corner towards getting better. Hope this helps
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Thanks all. I guess I'll just wait it out.
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