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flux - what's your opinion

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Hey flux,I notice that you only respond to what others say and usually just to correct people. You don't seem to express your own views on IBS.I was just wondering, as you are without doubt very knowledgeable on this whole IBS thing.What is your opinion on IBS ? What do you believe is going on ??
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Here's my opinion! The guy likes to post rude comments to everybody who he disagrees with (which is just about everyone!) I have had some nasty comments and graphics from him regarding the subject of nausea, and I think he's probably some guy who sits at his computer all day with nothing to do! I have never heard him mention a word about having IBS, so I don't know what his obsession is with it, and why, when he is not a doctor or in the health field, he has any interest in this subject at all! I would block all of his posts, but I think it is kind of like how people drive by an accident and have to look! I just gotta see what craziness he's spouting now!!!Can't wait to hear what he has to say about this!
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Alright, people. I thought this was previously discussed, and in fact, a similar thread was closed by Jeff.As it has been said numerous times, YOU CAN NOT START THREADS "ATTACKING" PEOPLE.I'm not going to be a referee, but regardless of what a jerk this "Flux" person may or not be, why waste your time even starting a thread like this?One of you attacked Flux saying that "He's probably some guy who sits at his computer all day with nothing to do! I believe it was said by you, FeelinYucky.It appears to me that your'e doing the same thing that you're accusing Flux of doing.
ok WOW - calm down there people.
I am NOT attacking anyone. And I am not wasting my time starting a thread like this. I genuinely want to know what he thinks. So I have fielded him an open question - if he doesn't want to answer then - ok.So could anyone else please keep your flux-bashing off this post and give the man a chance to express himself.
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I answered this in depth on a previous thread (it includes my thermostat model of IBS)..finally found it..What's on the Horizon?;f=44;t=002193
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