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Flux, what is your take on this, they asked to link to my website and I don't usally go there except for the things I know can't hurt you and might actually have some benefits.I know kindof what you'll think, but am curious about the product itself. ------------------
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I think the web site itself is hysterical
As with any dietary supplement, you are probably getting what you need from the diet itself assuming its balanced and complete(note the false claim in the FAQ that the soil bacteria have been killed off). The only relevance of this product for intestinal conditions might be the probiotic bacteria, and we don't know what that is yet, but the identity of these bacteria seems to be intentionally left obscure.The FAQ makes grandiose claims of 130 studies and its (meaning, phytosterols, not the product itself0 supposed effect on interlukin 6, the significance of which is not clear. However, while I did find a number of papers on the effects of these compounds and cancer, I couldn't really much of anything, let alone 130 studies, on its anti-inflammatory efffects.
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Eric, I tend to agree with Flux on this :eekYes, it is true... I really do. Anybody that makes such grandiose promises is hiding a lie in my belief. Do you have a spot for doubtful links?Maggie------------------Praying for a cure for this NASTY IBS!
Thanks, that was my take also, but the probiotics I am for if it helps.Mag, I should set up a page for that
.Oh well, One thing I want on my site are things that work.
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Maybe it would be a good idea for one of us to try this program for the others? If it is a success , wouldn't it be beneficial to have someone we know (kinda) and trust to be the one to tell us? We've tried everything else, why not?
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