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FM Symptoms?

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Hi, everyone. Normally, I spend time at the IBS board ('poopslot' fits right in over there), but I've been wanting to ask a question about FM. I haven't been dx'd with FM; only lupus so far, but I've heard several people on the lupus bb mention they have FM as well.What are the symptoms that led your doctors to dx you with FM? What tests were performed? What meds are used to control the symptoms? Thanks for any info. -teresa
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hi poopsalot,im squrts.we outta get along.lolthey have a pressure points test they do on you.i use baclofin,which helps alot.also anti depressants work well.hope you find what you need.denny
Thanks, squrts, for the info. Now I have another question: What are pressure point tests?
Hi Poopsalot,I don't think I've welcomed you to the board yet. Anyway, welcome. Click on the following URL and it will take you to a page about fibro, including the location of the tender/pressure points. A diagnosis is based on pain in at least 11 of the 18 pressure points.If you will go to the search engine: and type in fibromyalgia, you'll come up with loads of clickable URL's with information. I just did it and it brought up over 93,000 pages. Happy hunting.Lynda
Hi, Calida. Thanks for taking the time to lead me to some great information. I'm learning a great deal about FM and see there are tons more places to go.Thanks for the,-teresa
Hi Poopsalot! Love that nickname. That certainly describes me also. I have IBS along with Fibro. and who knows what else tossed in!! My bathroom "runs" aren't of the D. type, most are normal (maybe some C sometimes), but very frequently. On a good day---6 to 8 "dumps". On a bad day--try 28!!! Recently, a Gastro told me it's a "spastic colon". I've kept a diary, hoping that someday I may get some answers to all this. I should be posting on the IBS Board, too, but I've become so use to this Board that I'm just drawn to it. Everyone here is so wonderful and helpful. They are my lifeline. I wish you the best and hope you get some answers. We'll try to help you as best we can.Karen ------------------There is a silent strength within each soul, and that strength is multiplied for those who remember that they do not walk their path alone. Thomas J. Edwards
Hi I'm new here too, I've wandered in from the ibs BB. I have been wondering if my symptoms are due to this but I think doctors have just written me off as a neurotic old woman by now. Just wanted to say hi. Teresa
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