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Eggs! Lots and lots of eggs! Watch out with the yolks, don't go crazy and eat all the yolks because that's a TON of cholesterol, but I'd never get enough protein if it weren't for eggs. Plus they're cheap and versatile.Updates to the food lists is very frustrating, and I find that there's a level of personal tolerance to be figured out as well. The website for Patsy's book, IBS-Free At Last!, has updates listed. Search "book update" and they'll all come up by food group.Also, personally I cannot handle lactose-free milk and I'm of the opinion that lactose-free dairy items should not be eaten on the elimination phase. Try switching to rice milk for a few weeks and see how that goes. Also, I see you listed ham. I have found almost all commercial ham contains honey, which is a danger food. Artisan-style cured meats usually only contain salt and pork so I recommend going for the high-end meats and not cheap ham.I was pretty hungry for the first week until I started getting a feel for what i can and can't eat. I say ignore the portion size suggestions if you're a really active guy who needs to eat a lot - unless the portion size specified is for a fruit or vegetable. Those are restricted because they may contain a small amount of FODMAPs, so shouldn't be eaten in large quantities.My last piece of advice is use a food tracking website like to monitor your calorie intake and your nutrient levels. IBS is very fiber-sensitive and I try to get only the recommended amount but no more than that. Also, check out my blog for recipes, menu ideas, and package food reviews: Happy Tummy Happy Life
I checked out your blog but the link to FODMAP list doesn't work. I'm so confused over the ones I find online. One says ok to eat this and another says no. Can you give me a good link to an accurate list?
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