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food are stress triggers?

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Well trying to get this right!!I can eat the same foods and have normal bowell movements and then the next day eat the same food and have the D and times i can drink coffee all day and have noraml bowell movments then other days loose stools like today my bowell movement was noramal in color and everything else unlike yesterday i had yellow D i did finlly sleep in today and stayed up late last night so i wonder that change my normal bowell habbits of getting up a 4 am to go to work..And if stress plays a big role on how the next days bowell movment goes like yesterday i had a hambuger for lunch wich i new it would make me sick and dinner pork chops and didnt get ill but there are times i can eat that same thing and become ill so i wonder in stress has a role in this and how your day goes and what type of thinking you are having that day see when i wake to get ready for work iam a little stressed on how my bowells are going to treat me for the day and how my morning bowell movement is going to be al of now i have been having muscle spas in my shoulders and eye lids and by bwells do it with it with it i know stress causes muscle twitches
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Forrest have you read this?Foods can have both a physical and mental stress associated with them.UNC Nutritional Intervention for IBS foods and IBS
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