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food confusions- good-bad?

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wonder what you might recommend for someone who has so much gas when they eat brocollai& Cauliflower(which is so good for you-supposedly) .I think that I have the roughage under control for breakfast- oatbran-flax-rice bran- but as soon as lunch or dinner starts ( i have cooked veggies (now I have cut it down to 1 meal with vegetables. I can't tolerate dairy or soy- so any recommendations? Thanks
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I just stopped eating vegetables entirely (except potatoes) for a couple of years! Pretty drastic but I really couldn't tolerate them. Now I eat tiny amounts with other food and I'm usually ok; I don't know what else to tell you since as I told you before I live on soy products!
yikes meow your f*cking yourself. potatoes are proably the worst vegetables to eat, and soy products are terrible.what i do is take vegetarian enzyme capsules. i eat hemp seed in the morning which came out pretty bad before i started taking the pills. the one i take has 7 enzymes, some of which are there to break down plant matter. you might wanna look it up and find one you think is best. i use yahoo shopping cuz you can search through a lot of different sites, and sort by price.
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