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Food Elimination Results

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What foods have you eliminated from your diet that have had the greatest impact on your levels of gas?
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Hi there,

Unfortunately whatever I eat I always seem to have constant leaky gas going by reactions and also the knotted feeling in my stomach. However I did cut out all red meat a good few years ago now and while it doesn't seem to have much effect on my day to day gas the extremely bad days where even I could smell terrible odours from me definitely have decreased since cutting it out.

I remember on this old forum for people who suffer from strange body odours and the like there was this poll of which were the worst foods for triggering bad smells. Far and away both red meat and dairy came out on top. As it happens I never much liked milk, cheese, butter etc but the old time I would have a confectionary with cream in it for example my odours would explode so I had to cut that out.

Afraid I'm in the same boat as you in that I have suffered from this awful condition for practically my whole life; at least since 12/13. From my experience as I said red meat and dairy are the main culprits but practically anything that's hard to digest is going to give people like us problems. For example eating too much fruit in one really caused my gas to flare up. I thought eating healthy foods like fruit would be safe not realising the fructose in it can be hard to digest for people with problem digestive systems. Not saying you shouldn't eat fruit but not overdo it in one go. I find nuts again can cause a lot of gas.

One thing I also found that if I have a certain trigger food early in the morning on an empty stomach I am sure to have lots of problems for the day so I am pretty careful what I eat first thing.

That's just my experience, would be very interested to hear what foods would be the worst for you and everyone else also. It would be great if we could compile a list of the worst and also safest foods for people suffering from this terrible terrible condition.
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just curious what everyone else has experienced because I have found that most my issues are caused by things such as cheap oils that foods have been fried in or artificial (spices) etc.
I have already tried all the main stream stuff like sugars found in different fruits, dairy, beans and cabbage, etc.
521 people thus far have looked at this post, anyone want to add any unique triggers, Please?
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