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food that's worth the pain

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Just wondered if any of you have a trigger food that you love so much, that once in a while you say "what the heck, it's worth the pain"?For me it's pork & sauerkraut.See yaJon
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Ice cream... frozen yogurt is a pretty good substitute, but it doesn't come in very many flavours.
Ice cream for me too. I love it and it hates me, but I break down once or twice a year and eat it anyway. I just make sure I can spend the "day after" at home with only my pain and gas for company!
------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose (C-type)
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Cherry cheesecake plugs things up for days.. so when I eat it, I make sure I eat a LOT!!
Im not real sure if I have any triggers. I did drink some milk a while back , and got horribel cramping, so I havent drank any since then. Im scared to. So maybe that would be a trigger for me. But I can avoid milk, its not that exciting. Another one would be coke or any kind of sodas. They seem to make me have d. Im ibs c, but for some reason if I consume a lot of soda , it has the d affect on me.
Definately ice cream!!! I'm not lactose intolerant but have a problem with fat. And fat free ice cream just isn't the same. I'll only eat it on the weekend when I know I'll be home. Anna
To me any food that is loaded with calories and fat is worth the pain. But if I indulge I make sure it is a Friday night so I can suffer through the weekend and be back at work on Monday all cleaned out.
ice cream, cheesecake, rich, creamy desserts and donuts!
Fun question. This morning I had chocolate milk with a glazed donut. Trigger foods!! I enjoyed them. When I got to work I went to the bathroom and then I took an emodium tablet. I ran into one of my co-workers who had also eated a glazed donut and it gave him the runs. He drank 1/4 bottle of pepto bismo. It worked for him.------------------
STEAK!!! A big far ribeye with garlic, sauted mushrooms and onions.On the side, a loaded baked potato w/tons of cheese.Yep, a definate No No, but I eat it once every couple months------------------Color Rainbows in the Rain
Fruits, veggies, healthy stuff. I could live without anything else indefinitely, but I can't handle the fruit and veggie cravings.that and I've done some research in the area of dietary prevention of cancer so I just can't get myself to not eat several servings of fruits and veggies every day. I'd rather have a cramp than deprive my self of all the goodies in the food. But then again when it was bad every single thing was bad (it was a physiologic reaction to eating, not that I was allergic to everything) so if your gonna hurt no matter what you might as well eat what you enjoy.K.
Man, let's see.......if I could eat something delicious, and not have to worry about the pain and suffering afterwards, I'd probably want a big piece of country fried steak with some mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese!! Oh, and don't forget those yummy yeast rolls. They are soooooooo good!! I just LOVE that stuff
For dessert, I am with the other poster, cherry cheesecake is just HEAVENLY!! So if I could eat something and not have to worry about the consequences, I think that would be it!! I do splurge every now and then, but I always pay for it!!
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Onion rings....chili dogs..and, strangely, spinach.
Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, pork and applesauce!!!
Burgers!! Big juicy ones!! KILL me but I eat them occasionally anyway. Go figure!?
Pizza with sausage, mushrooms and onions! Yum! I'm lactose-intolerant on top of everything else, so if I indulge I make sure it's on a Saturday, 'cause I usually stay home (by the bathroom) on Sundays.
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