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Foot Peeling

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I know this sounds weird when we're talking IBS, but I used to have one foot that peeled at the outer arch. The skin there would turn thick and yellow, crack and a big chunk of dead skin could be peeled off. I told my allergist about this, as it had started to do this around the time of my proctalgia symptoms. Strangely, after the treatment with the antifungal med for yeast, the peeling went away (along with the proctalgia). Hmmmmmmm, just thought you might want to know this, in case you get this symptom.------------------
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hi moldie! I'd rather have a foot peeling than a poot feeling! (Sorry, couldn't resist)-stace------------------
moldie; I simply cannot believe my good fortune in finding this. I have had the exact same problem on the exact same area of my foot for THREE years. My doc has only given me various creams, none of which have done a blessed thing. What med are you talking about as I would like to tell my doc about it. I thought my feet would be ugly in my coffin and yuo have just given me hope. (and what is the proctalgia again?)[This message has been edited by Me Poo Too (edited 05-20-99).]
I was on Diflucan (see notes on candida). Proctalgia is rectal spasming, especially after stooling for me. The Diflucan seemed to take care of that problem for me.(Thank God-I didn't want to live any more as it was very painful). The allergist took a scraping of my foot. It was determined it wasn't your normal foot fungas. I didn't think so either, as it didn't spread anywhere else. A podiatrist told me they see it in children sometimes. He didn't give it a name. He said to apply alpha-hydroxy lotion morning and night. I did this for awhile and it did help. If I didn't do it faithfully, twice a day it would come back. I couldn't help to think that this was more or less a "band-aid" treatment and that something had to be causing it. The allergists believe it was yeast in nature.------------------
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