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Football under ribs ?

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Hi everyone I have been watching this forum for years I suffer from IBS both D/C recently I am having a flare up. I had blood , ultrasounds , xrays and last year a endoscope done I have not had a colonoscopy done yet , my question is has anyone have the feeling of a lump or football stuck under their right ribs to mid right side fullness? everytime I bend or sit too long in one spot it aggrivates me I think I am making it worse and panicking as I normally do:( I have had hodgkins lymphoma 17 years ago so everytime I feel something wrong I panic. ultrasound showed nothing abnormal so we no there is no masses but its becoming a pain its not overly painful just annoying ? looking for someone with simular feelings. Thanks
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There is a bend in the colon under the ribs on the right and left side. These seem to be common trouble spots for IBSers with any number of different descriptions of what the pain/discomfort feels like.
Thanks Kathleen , I really worry about everything which certainly makes my symptoms much more exaggerated.
Hi . I am new to this group. One of my first pain symptoms was what I described to Drs as a "football" under my rt rib. When I read your post I could totally relate. I had several CT scans, an MRI, a HIDA scan, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy , lots of blood work and stool cultures. All normal findings. UUGHH. I finally ok'd the removal of my gallbladder. I still have the pain! I have been to a GI specialist but only had one visit. She suspects IBS- PI. I had the rotovirus in Guatemala in July and then another GI illness in October. The football pain started in November. I can eat a VERY limited diet and have lost 20 lbs since October. If you find anything to help the football pain please share. I am very frustrated as I am sure you are also. I am on Nortriptylin and Bentyl.
Hi I have just joined and i can totally relate to your problem. I have just turned 41 and have suffered with ibs i think until my early teens. I have just tried to live with it, going to the doctors all the time at first to try and find out what they can do about it. Medicines that were given made me feel worse. But the older i got after child birth my symptoms got worse. I have the swelling at the top of my tummy but more disfigurement on the right hand side of my tummy. I have been to the doctors explained the swelling on the right side and he never said anything about this. I take it that its normal. I am glad that i can finually get some support and information on this illness once and for all. I have had no real help with my doctor over the years just look into your diet. So yeah its normal to get swelling on right or left.
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