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?? for moldie & whoever else knows:

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moldie, in another post your wrote:(citric acid(a preservative and a common irritant in IBS). Once I cut out all the fruit juices, tomato products, soda, and coffee that contains it, the abdominal discomfort and bloating went away.)I am wondering if the citric acid could add to the sour acifd smell of flutance?Also would that include all fruits. I do believe fruit add to my gas problem. But some say gluten, and some say beef (add to smell) What's left to eat. I need to add weightyesterday I went to Dr. for a blood test and prescription renewals. The new nurse popped a vein and I had to show her a nice juicy one on other arm so she could drain my blood. I watched! Big mistake, as usual, I all but passed out.
She ask if I had a thyroid problem I do not, that I knew of. What would be the signs of a thyroid gone bad?. Or what would be the connection? Sorry to say I stinked up the room and even the Dr. had to walk out for a few moments.
I was so embrassed, and felt so bad the rest of the day thinking about it.
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I only have a little info about Thyroid problems but here they are.The most common thing found in people with thyroid problems is the white crescent on your fingers, or half moons as some call them. If you don't have any get checked!That's what the doctor's look for first thing.The symptoms may also differ depending on what exactly is wrong with it. My mother for example has an underactive thyroid, causeing her problems with weight gain, moodiness and lack of energy.My aunt (same side - mom's sister) is the opposite she has overactive thyroid, causing her problems gaining weight, moodiness and restlessness. Basically the opposite.It's not alot, but I hope it helps.LeslieA
Joyce, I read that carbohydrates and sugars that are not completely digested are fed upon by bacteria in the colon. This causes gas. I tried to cut down on these things but I still have gas
. Fruit gives me tons of gas so you may want to cut down on those. Did you try that zucchini recipe? I find when I eat that with rice I do better. I also make my own bread with the bread maker and I use honey instead of sugar to sweeten it. It seems that I have a bad reaction to any bread I buy at the store but I do better with bread I make myself.If I hear anything that I think will help us in our quest to get rid of our gas I will make sure to tell you!!
Go to this link to read about flatulence" [This message has been edited by kitty (edited 07-28-99).]
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Hi Joyce,Smelly gas is something I didn't have much of fortunately. While the citric acid allergy caused my stomach to swell out and give me a dull ache, I don't think it gave me smelly gas. My husband, on the other hand, has this problem when he eats beans, and dairy. (In this case, I am the one who feels the need to leave the room). He is lactose intolerant and dairy gives him the runs as well, although he has taken lactaid with some suceess. I find I get smelly gas with legumes(beans in particular) and prunes. Quite possibly the riper the fruits/fermented it is, the more sugar it contains and could cause this. Therefore if I had to narrow it down, I would say sugary, fermented, legumes, and dairy if you are intolerant to it, may be common causes of gas. Spicey foods might be a problem as well. While white flour, yeasted products might cause gas, I'm not sure about the smell. Perhaps eating rare red meats might be a problem too. I would say my problem with Candida caused gaseousness, as well as a stooling problem. When I was over-doing the soy products, I had problems with gas too. (Soy is a legume).If you go to the top of the BB and click on search, and type in Thyroid; you will probably find some discussion on this, as I know it was brought up on both boards before, or you can search the web. I know I have typed Thyroid to search in the past and came up with some sites, but I didn't write them down unfortuanately. What the others have said about it here, sounds accurate to me, although, I guess I don't remember the white moons on the fingernail effect, but there's really alot I don't know. I have heard something about thinning on the outside of the eyebrows, and of course the bulging eyes as some outward signs. There are many important functions effected by metabolism, and much more research is being done in this area. This must be a very aggravating, and embarrassing problem, as you have expressed. I know when I was having problems with gas and asked at a IBD meeting about it before I knew what I had; all they could suggest was simethecone, which didn't help me in the least. I think flux has mentioned Creon, which I'm not familiar with.Some Canadians on this BB have mentioned a product they have there, which I am not familiar with as well.I can watch blood from others being taken, but I have a problem watching my own being taken too. I've found it is better for me to turn my head when I'm having it done as well. Good luck in your quest for answers Joyce.------------------
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