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For those long moments in the BR

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Spending a lot of time on the bowl?? I just picked up a book called:Uncle Johns Legendary Lost Bathroom the BATHROOM READER'S INSTITUTEAs far as I know there are seven of them out, but who knows, there may be more.As soon as I seen the title, I just had to buy it. I was looking for something completely different, and I ended up with a BATHROOM READER. Was this meant to be, did someone see me and put it where it didn't belong, or was it meant as a joke?? I was alone, and went shopping by myself. I didn't see anyone I knew, and only my family knows of my IBS.This particular one I have has the 5th, 6th, and 7th volumes of the book. I figure it to be read within less than a week.Just thought I'd share. Enjoy if you do get it.
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Ps. To my last post......I was thinking of putting this under the book BB, but I figured most of us with IBS would benefit from it being posted here.After all, the book BB mostly has IBS books.I hope this is oKay.Jadair
First of all, sorry for three3three posts in a row. I had just finished another book, only took three days of IBS time on the bowl.The name:The FUNNY PAGESFrom the Author of Joke SoupJUDY BROWNJust don't want anyone to get too board waiting for the D or C and or D and C stuff to come out.
My Husband bought me one of those books for my b-day. he thought it would help me pend quality time on the toilet. he was right--it was agreat gift -fun to read!Lsia
Sounds good to me.Anything that lightens us up and gives us a smile has to be good for us.Thanx for sharing, Evie
Gee, I didn't expect any feedback for the thread. I think everything I say or write is dumb and or stupid. Those two awesome replies lifted that feeling, well, down, such a word downlifted.Thanx you two, you gave my spirits a natural "high"Jadair
mom,which one do you have?? also, do you skip around, or just start from beginnig to end. Jadair
Evie,Thinking of getting one?? Jadair
mom,Let me guess, you have the "BATHROOM READER?"Let me know which volume/s you have.
Jadair,One of my friends has one.I usually do crossword puzzles in the biffy.I also get up and move around because that helps me to go.
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Evie,You made a good point. We don't need anything "too good" to keep us on the bowl longer then we have to.Still wondering.Jadair
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