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Hello Blog,

Its been a while but I just needed somewhere to vent and get some help. I have been working remotely (Instructional Design aka Help Instructors Create Online Courses) due to terrible stomach pain and constant bathroom issues. I am essentially house ridden but can go to the store or visit family here amd there. For my Job, I can do 95% of it remotely just not be sitting in the office for the needy instructors that just show up. This status has been going on for a little short of two years. I feel I very close to finding out if its a food intolerance with a low fodmap diet or even an immune disease. New doctors and they finally are listening!

Anyway, I just got a really condensending email from my boss who is stating I need to come in for 20-30 hours at least. It stated we need to meet Monday kinda thing as my FMLA is up (was not on FMLA as was remotely working and coming in during key meetings). Also, that they cannot handle the instructor questions and are just too busy to communicate through email (wtf - even in person that is all we ever did!) My boss is a bad communicator and does not ever reapond when I ask what I can do to help with the workload. Additionally, they have not been able to replace the other designer that left over a year ago. The most recent hire quit before starting even! I think they are trying to force me to make up for no one wanting to come to such a stressful low paying job!

My question after all this is advice anyone has approaching this? Like things that might work? If it helps, its in Ohio as know laws are different depending on state.

I am meeting and planning to explain yo her yet again that a) I was never under FMLA as it was a resonable accomidation they were willing to make for two years, b) I do not inderstand where this is coming from as always get steller reviews and praise for my hard work and c) my illness is no better! Any other thoughts?

I also plan to go to HR if needed and show evidence that its her not communicating with me about the work needs. I have praise evidence, emails about the illness and forward plan, and always asking what I can do to help on my end. I wonder how has anyone done such a thing? Can I accuse the department of discriminating against me due to past acceptance and all of a sudden recent issue? I find it odd that now its a problem after 2 years!

~ Thanks
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