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Fragilis update

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well i have Dientamoeba fragilis living in my gut, the pathogen didnt seem to respond to the round of drugs my specialist gave me, this week has actually been pretty bad.but one thing that was recomended was a lo to no carb diet. this is an idea im not huge on but because the bug lives off carbs, eating few could abviously help. so if im not eat grains corn rice fruit etc, guess its just fish and vegetables.ahh well, any one who has info or has heard of any of this, would love to hear it
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hey buddy, hope u feel better soon, sorry to hear u got bugged. Well listen to ur doctor about the carb matter, but i highly suggest looking in to taking grapefruit seed extract, it destroys bad bacteria and parasites in the intestines. it might do the trick and get rid of that pesty bug. keep us updated on how ur doing!
Hey Mikey, Am sorry to hear the meds didn't work for you.Did you ever go to the site that I think Brett posted on the other thread? are pages & pages of personal case histories, many w/ happy endings. It also tells of medical mismanagement & how d fragilis is "often dismissed as IBS, stress, or a psychological problem."This is also interesting~Clin Microbiol Rev. 2004 Jul"Ever since its first description in 1918, Dientamoeba fragilis has struggled to gain recognition as a significant pathogen. There is little justification for this neglect, however, since there exists a growing body of case reports from numerous countries around the world that have linked this protozoal parasite to clinical manifestations such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, and anorexia. A number of studies have even incriminated D. fragilis as a cause of irritable bowel syndrome, allergic colitis, and diarrhea in human immunodeficiency virus patients. "
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