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FranC - how is the miralax going now?

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Justed wanted to see if it was still working for you. How long did your doctor say you could take it. It is working well for my daughter. She takes half a capful now and goes every day. Just worried about her taking it for too long. GI said for two weeks. Pediatrician say indefinitely?
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Is Miralax not safe to take for long periods of time? I read that its a liquid substance that is not absorbed by the body, therefore it pushes everything through faster. I would think if it isn't absorbed by the body it couldn't be harmful, but I am probably wrong. What do the docs say?
I've been taking Miralax for about 3months now. My doctor told me that I would be taking it indefinitely. Believe it or not the down side of taking it is that I have to go every day four or five times a day! I've developed a rash from wiping myself so much!
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Hi, I'm still taking Miralax, but I take a dose every other day. So far, it seems to be working (meaning, I still have to watch what I eat, but I go every day or every other day & no diarrhea, etc.) I am scheduled for a colonscopy the second week of January & just to complicate things a bit, today my GYN told me that he thinks that I have endometriosis, but doesn't want to do a laproscopy (don't know if I am spelling these words right - sorry). So right now I am reading up on endometriosis and based upon what i have read so far, there seems to be a connection between it & IBS. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Miralax is working for your daughter. My GI dr. said I could take it indefinitely & I would have to work w/the dosage. I hope it continues to work for your daugher.Fran C. Happy & Healthy New Year to all!
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I was just wondering, is Miralax a prescription medication, or can it be purchased over-the-counter?? I've read about it several times here on the bulletin boards, and it sounds like something I might like to try. I am mostly C these days, with the exception of the holidays, when I was D. I think the stress of everything is what caused the change. I'm kinda hoping to stay's not FUN, but if I had to choose between the two, it's just easier. I get so very uncomfortable with C, as I'm sure we all do. If someone could give me some information on Miralax, I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks
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FranC - I had endometriosis with my IBS and diverticulitis too. First had left ovary and tube removed, 18 months later hysterectomy with colon resection. I think the infections/inflamations from each (IBS and endo)makes the other worse - but don't think one causes the other.AMcCall - I changed from C to D over the holidays too! Changed schedule and eating no doubt. I would much rather be D than C - at least then you are going! I was D for 15 years before changing over to predominatly C, much easier to deal with for me too. I'm hoping the D will stick around for a while...loon
AMcCall -- Miralax is by prescription. As you have probably read in other posts, everyone has had different experiences with it. For some people it worked, others it has not. It's worth a try. For more information about this product, I would suggest that you go to and talk to your doctor about it.Good luck.Loon -- I was wondering, from your experience, did you find that the IBS and the endo fed off each other. Like if you got one condition under control, did the other calm down. Or if one condition was out of control, did it trigger the other one off. IBS is starting to take control of my life and needless to say it's not fun. I am just trying to figure out a way to keep everything under control, so that I can have a life. Thanks for your post. FranC
FranC - it was so hard to tell. Mostly I couldn't tell one pain from the other, and it was made worst by being mis-diagnosed for years. One doc even said I had gonorreah (sorry - can't spell) without testing for it but that was impossible as I hadn't had an opportunity to be "exposed" in the time frame he said that I must have contracted it in!I know that after my hysterectomy I don't have the "monthly" pain, which helps a lot. My IBS caused me to develop diverticulitis (the cramping and spasms caused my colon to develop the sacs) and I had to have a colon resection at the same time as the hysterectomy.My biggest worry now is to keep everything moving (even if it means D) so I lower my risk of infection and the potential of another resection.If a hysterectomy is appropriate for you (I was 40 and didn't plan to have children) you might ask you GYN...loon
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I'm new to this group but I have been taking miralax for several months now, and it works well for me. I go every single day and no more hard stools. You do need a presrciption to get it but from what my doctor has said, you can take it indefinitely and it should not harm you. The way he explained it to me, it basically changes the molecular structure of the water so it stays in the colon and hydrates it.
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