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Freshman in college and having gastro problems.

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So this is my second semester in college, and overall I'm loving it. My first semester went extremely well, no problems at all! Despite embarrassing stomach noises in class occasionally, I had no other symptoms. Fast forward to winter break, everything once again was fine until about 3 weeks in. (I had a 5 week break.) At about the third week I noticed my stomach extremely loud when laying in bed. It would growl and creak making me feel self conscious. Towards the final week of my break I noticed I was constipated and went to a G.I. doctor. When I went, all he did was feel my stomach and prescribed a fiber supplement. Hoping that would work, I did as he told me.I am now in school again and my stomach has been horrible. I've had constipation for 2 weeks which has luckily been getting slightly better with the aid of Milk of Magnesia, but the bloating is still slightly there.I'm quite certain I have hemorrhoids which I failed to bring up to my doctor... I'm hoping this may be the reason why I've had problems with my stomach. But until I bring it up to my doctor this Friday, I can only speculate.It's such a horrible feeling being bloated. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just is uncomfortable, especially in tighter fitting jeans. I have a doctor's appointment for this Friday, I'm hoping he can shed light on my situation. I'm crossing my fingers it's not serious.
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Hagakure,I'm sorry to hear that IBS is interfering with your time at college. I know so many young people who are diagnosed with IBS in college, so you're doing the right thing by talking to your doctor about it and trying different treatments. As a college senior who didn't see a gastroenterologist until this year after suffering (needlessly) for years, my best advice is to be absolutely honest with your doctor about your symptoms, and to manage your stress. College is a wonderful but stressful experience and I noticed that once I learned how to relax, I was able to manage my symptoms much better. Also, letting your professors know about your medical issues can make a huge difference in terms of missing class, getting extensions, etc. So hang in there!
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