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Full body Bloat need some advice

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To all...I suffer from the bloating and pain everyone has mentioned on the Board (15+yrs) I am now 30. One of many things that is strange is my bloating is in my entire body. Not only does my stomach get big 2-6 inches my legs and even face and arms have very significant retention of Gas (I guess). I was wondering if any of you experience the same thing and if not do you know of anything that could cause this other than the IBS excuse as I call.Thanks
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There really isn't anything in your face and arms to collect the gas, so the bloat there is usually fluid retension.Has your doctor seen you when you are swollen up like that?There are a number of conditions that can cause that, and something other than IBS needs to be evaluated to figure out what that is. (Some people just swell with heat for various reasons, heart/circulatory problems, problems with lymph system, etc anything that moves fluid from one part of the body to another, or has to do with how your body gets rid of fluids)Now in your abdomen there is a cavity that can accumulate gas and get bigger (the intestines), but you can also get accumulations of fluid in there (as well as those that have fat accumulating in there, but that is a 24/7 thing rather than accumulation that can vary across time, including sometimes substantially)K.
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