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Ok, for the past week, I have had a constant stomach ache (except for Friday and Saturday I didn't) and I'm starting to wonder if it's a gall bladder issue. It's not like my regular IBS aches. My doctor put me on something called Pantoloc, which I take in the morning, and she said if they didn't help, then she would want me to get a gall bladder ultra sound. Now, the pain started under my rib cage in my upper stomach, but lately it's been all over pain. I can't stand up straight, pushing on my stomach can hurt, and it hurts more after I eat. My doc told me to stay away from anything acidic, spicey, greasy, caffeinated etc, which I have.Anyone know what might be up? I'm going for my full physical tomorrow so I'll know more then I guess, but I'm just curious as to what it might be.
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