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GallBladder and IBS ( any connection? )

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I have had IBS-D pretty much all my life. I have recently been diagnosed with gall stones and they are talking about possibly removing my Gall Bladder. I am afraid to to that since I have read that once your gall bladder is removed youre likely to have 'D'. I have enough 'D' now... lol. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Well, the D you get with the gb removed has it's own special name, "bile dumping" D. So, that is probably not REAL IBS; but there is, no doubt, a relationship for some between pre-existing D and the gall bladder. I passed stones back in 81 and so got to keep it in me. That was a result of my lousy, high fat, cook's diet that I had been indulging in for years. (Which presumably means there is also a relationship between gall stones and cardiovascular disease.) It was still another 8 years before my D developed, as a reaction to my first cigarette of the morning--and my second and my third. (Slow learner.) Of course cigs are also a great contributor to both digestive and cardiovascular problems. And I have gotten my D in control through a cardiovascular supplement.So yeah, I think there is a relationship between all three of these problems; however, if you have to have the gb out, then you probably want to look at Linda's Calcium info or Questran, since they have helped so many in firming it up.Mark
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Hi... I've had IBS since 1990. I had my gallbladder removed in 1992... My IBS wasn't as severe after they removed it. I still have my days, oh yes... but it certainly didn't make my "D" worse... not at all. If anything it helped abit. I had several stones.. around 15-20, about 5 were pretty big... and I still have them, the doctor kindly gave them to me in a little box when I was discharged! It would be best to have it removed... as you can get stones stuck in your duct and it can make you very ill... and can rupture. I feel it really helped to have it removed. Kim
I had my gallbladder taken last year in july. i've been learning what hurts me the hard way. i have severe ibs and NERD- nonerosive reflux disease. i take Reglan for that problem, but i can't seem to understand is if i eat the same thing each day, i will get sick anyway? Light Yogurt-fruit, turkey on a torilla wrap W/ light mayo, then grits(2% milk) or brown rice or chicken. i still hurt even though i was told these were "safe" foods. i ate a hamburger from mcdonalds and i was fine, what the heck i going on?
Dear overitnow, what is "D"? i know what IBS is but not the other term you used.
Thanks alot for the comments, it's nice to know people are actually out there. I have to go in for a test tommorrow. Something called a HIDA SCAN which is supposed to show how well my gallbladder is actually working. Then I see the surgeon again on Monday to discuss results. She wanted me to do this test to make sure -- GOOD IDEA I would say.Mark - thank you for the new term 'bile dumping', at least it doesn't sound like removal will make it worse. Maybe better according to KIM.KIM - thank you for your note, very encouraging, I hope it holds true for me too.Sweetpeaches - I recently found a cookbook for IBS that I find pretty interesting, you might want to check it out. 'Eating for IBS' by Heather Van Vorous. Seems pretty good so far. Im going to try some of it.This site is great! Just nice to know we are not alone. Does anyone know of any IBS support groups in the upstate NY area?
Thanks for the book reference, i will check it out. we need all the help we can get.
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After i have my gallbladder removed i had IBS.The surgery was the factor that caused my IBS.It´s not bile salts diahrrea. It´s IBS.If you can avoid to remove your gallbladder, avoid it!Good luck!
mine was an emergency surgery to get it removed. no choice here. i wish i had that choice but i don't have painful diahhrea, the majority of the time it's a surprise, that's what's so bad and embarrassing
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Hello, I have had IBS for 15 years.. Just had my gallbladder/appendix out in November of last year.. What I have noticed is I don't get up in the middle of the night with dir attacks. I still have pain everyday but that is because of adhesions.. Getting my gallbladder out was a good thing.. The surgery is really no big deal.. Outpatient.. Everyone is different but if you are having issues with it get it out.. I went for 15 years with issues.. The hyda scan proved that my gallbladder was not working.. That is the for sure test to tell you.. Hope you feel better.
i didn't have IBS before they took the gallbladder out nor did i have my severe heartburn. this is ALL new to me. i also stayed in the hospital for 3 days and a week of bed rest. they did the laproscopic surgery. oh and by the way i am only 27 yrs old, 28 next month.
Is there a connection between gluten and IBS?
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