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Well, the D you get with the gb removed has it's own special name, "bile dumping" D. So, that is probably not REAL IBS; but there is, no doubt, a relationship for some between pre-existing D and the gall bladder. I passed stones back in 81 and so got to keep it in me. That was a result of my lousy, high fat, cook's diet that I had been indulging in for years. (Which presumably means there is also a relationship between gall stones and cardiovascular disease.) It was still another 8 years before my D developed, as a reaction to my first cigarette of the morning--and my second and my third. (Slow learner.) Of course cigs are also a great contributor to both digestive and cardiovascular problems. And I have gotten my D in control through a cardiovascular supplement.So yeah, I think there is a relationship between all three of these problems; however, if you have to have the gb out, then you probably want to look at Linda's Calcium info or Questran, since they have helped so many in firming it up.Mark
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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