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I'm new here but I feel like I've been on an odyssey already...

First off, I have no idea what I really have. I have had colon reconstructive surgeries, multiple medications prescribed, colonoscopies, tests and retests, and nothing from the medical field has helped long term. They can't even give me a diagnosis.

I came across a book called "Why doesn't my doctor know this?" and another called "Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet"
They have both helped me immensely in understanding what's going on. I learned that I had "leaky gut" syndrome and GERDS for sure.
The rest I'm not clear on.

The gluten free section of the allergy exclusions really helped for a while, and then it was like my insides rebelled again.
I don't drink cow's milk because it's always bothered me, but real cheese and real butter don't seem to...
Cruciferous vegetable and beans bother me.
So, I try to avoid those things as much as possible.

Lately, Ive been focusing on eating real food. As minimally processed as I can find. I've been looking for other things but I can't seem to find much at the small-town supermarkets or walmart (I live in a really remote area) and I hate to go into the City every time I grochery shop. I use or make real bone-in stock for soups. I found a great supplement called "Digest Activ" by Source Naturals and I rotate probiotics including PB-8, Thompson 5-strain, and Source Naturals Life Flora. I use Thompson Peppermint Oil Gels (with Quercetin, Rosemary, Thyme, and Chamomile) as needed for indigestion.

Maybe I could get some suggestions on how or what to talk to my PCP Doctor about to get a referral to a G.I. specialist again. I have LA medicaid now.
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