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garden of life products?

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Hello all! I have been reading a book written by Jordan S. Rubin. He claims to have recovered from Crohn's disease with special supplements. He has quite a line of products he calls "Garden of Life". It's special probiotics, digestive enzymes, goatsmilk protein, stuff like that.I am quite the desperate person and am thinking about trying it. I have IBS-C and have pain just about every day, pain that alters my daily life. I also have a small degree of constipation. My intestines are overly sensitive to every supplement I've taken since I've been this bad off (one year).I just wanted to see if anyone here had tried it.Thank you!LoriMiserable in CO
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It is interesting that you posted this question. My husband and I have been doing research to help with my IBS and hypothyroid. One of the links on the thyroid board was Garden of Life products and they seemed to have done the research on what we need for vitamin contect, etc. I was also looking into their virgin coconut oil to help with my thyroid and it claims it can help with digestive problems. Since being diagnosed with hypo I seem to have developed reflux (aren't I lucky). Now my bowel seems to have calm down, IBS-D, so now I'm nauseous a lot of the day, especially when I get up in the morning.I think we are going to try some of their products and going to the Vitamin Shoppe today. I'll let you know what I think and of course would appreciate also hearing from anyone who has tried these products.Marty
coconut oil is actually a very beneficial fat. Lots of Lauric acid, caprylic, and capric. These require no enzymes for metabolism and when they split apart in your body (free fatty acids and mono-glycerides) they help to fight yeast, bacteria and other bad things. the lauric acid is the fat that is found in breast milk in a very high amount.Don't buy Rubin's oil. It is 120% more expensive than Spectrum. it is the same product.All garden of life products are expensive. Internet prices are cheaper than retail.I take primal defense (probiotic) and I think it is a crucial part of my 5 pronged attack on my severe problems.1. no sugar/fruit (this eliminates gas & cramps)2. eliminate dozens of foods (intolerances) (mold, etc) (this also eliminates gas and cramps)3. antifungals (nystatin, lamisil)4. garlic and a large herbal concoction of antifungal/bacterial herbs (like olive leaf, pau d'arco, oregano oil, berberine, etc)5. Probiotics (primal defense)If any one of the 5 are not followed, I relapse.It is possible that some other probiotic could easily replace the primal defense but I don't want to chance it (except I am switching to VSL#3) because it has 450 billion bacteria compared to primal defense which may have 10 billion $ for $.I am spending $80/month just on the probiotic. I think that they overcharge.
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p.s. coconut oil could be the perfect oil for a lot of people who have digestive difficulties. it does not need bile for the breakdown. there is an escellent book on the subject titled "coconut oil" (???????)Udo erasmus wrote a good book on fats and he gave it mild praise. However, he was more interested in the omega 3's. These should be supplemented by everyone just to be certain they are getting enough. I like carlson's mercury free fish oil the best. anti-inflammatory. borage oil (GLA) very important.
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