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Garlic is a huge trigger for me. I'm IBS-C. I become hugely, painfully distended. Nothing I do will make it go away except rest and time. Though in my case it doesn't appear to be gas, but actual muscular distention and spasms.Regardless, you are correct, the restaraunts have gone garlic crazy, they seem to have this need to put it in everything, including foods that you wouldn't even think would have garlic in them.So, I would say you have an intolerance to garlic, over time our IBS triggers can certainly change.I really feel for you, it is tough, all you can do in ask the waitstaff about ingredients. Sometimes, if the garlic is added during the prep process, you can ask them to have the chef hold the garlic. I know they look at you like you have 3 heads and you have insulted them, but hey, it's your gut.Hang in there.
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