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Gas is moveing

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Hey all i just wanted to let you know that i have found a way to help me move gas and it might help you. The other day i went into my local town to buy an exercise ball the big one like you get in the gym, well there is an exercise in the book that says you have to lie on your back put your feet on the ball lift your pelvic and pull your legs in to your bottom, well i did this for about 20 reps and then stopped, after about 2 mins i was passing gas like theres no tommorow. i hope this will help someone else with trapped gas.Phil
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thats wonderful! did the book come with the ball? what brand was it?
yes the book came with the ball, with all the exercises in it, humm it does not say a brand on the instructions but i got it from a place called BOOTS if your in the uk you will know where you local BOOT store is, but if your in the states you should be able to get it from any local gym shop just ask them for the gym ball that you lie on to do exercises.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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