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Last night I had to get rushed to the ER, because I had enormous pain just below my rib cage..............I couldn't breath and it felt like I had about 100 lbs on my chest and lots of went away in about 5 min. and then I got gassy. So I'm wondering if it was just gas pains? Has anyone else had pains from gas and not only in your belly area?ScaredBillie
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Billie, yes I have had my IBS cause svere pain and send me to the ER. Gas and the way gas can effect the already sensitive nerves in the gut can contribute to this for sure.Sorry to hear you had to go to the ER and were in so much pain I know the feeling. They use to give me a shot.Here is some gas info that might help you.
Billie,I once woke in such terrible pain, thought I was having a heart attack. My Father heard me crying, and woke up, he wanted to call an ambulance, I said, oh God no. I agreed to let him take me to the ER. Of course they hooked me up, took blood, x rays and so on. Gave me this yucky stuff to drink, with nothing to wash it down. The pain was unbearable, I could find just one position, where it didn't hurt that bad. Once I moved, I screamed, yelled, and thought I was going to die. They sent me home, with no diagnosis, but I did find out the medication they gave me was for gas. How interesting. The pain went on for three days, then I was fine.Hope this makes you feel a little better, knowing someone else can relate, somewhat to what you went through.Jadair
My first experience was 1 year ago. I woke up at 4am and was unable to take deep breaths. Of course it did not help that I began to panic and then began hyperventilating. My wife called the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. This was the first of three trips to the E.R. within a two month period before anyone had a clue of the problem. I was so concerned with the shortness of breath it took a while to relize it was bloating that was causing all the pressure. After months of testing and two GI Dr's and a colonoscopy im finally living with IBS. Any foods that remotly cause gas or have any flavor for that matter are out of the question in my diet. The problem is when you start to feel better and theing feel like they are going back to "normal" you let your gaurd down and say "I've been feeling good i can try to eat this or that". For me personally I avoid spices and high protein foods. Try eating slower and not not swallowing air. Also I have tried peppermint oil pills and they seem to cut down on the pressure in the stomach. I also use take other vitamins to suppliment the lack of nutrition from a strick diet. Good Luck and your not alone. Shawn
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