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Should I have told the young people or not about my gas?

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On Tuesday evening, I was on Zoom doing a Youth Club meeting as I'm a Youth leader.

However, before I let the young people in, I told my colleague that I have excessive gas problems. She said 'fine, I won't tell the young people'. I passed gas and she heard it to let my gas out.

I then let the young people in, and my gas came back after 1 minute. I talked to them about how their week has been. When I talked to the eldest young person, I passed gas loudly and I hid it by saying 'oh sorry was someone just talking then, I think I have just cut someone off? to get the young people's attention away from my gas. I also played with my hair, putting it behind and in front of my ear. Luckily, the young people didn't think I passed gas and my colleague distracted them. The gas was quite smelly (like rotten egg), and I didn't react to my gas.

During the meeting, I kept on moving side to side and back and forth and moving my bottom to help my gas.

When I said to the young people 'we are doing Pictionary today', they got excited, and after a few minutes, when the young people played the game, I passed gas loudly. No one noticed because the young people were concentrating on the game. I didn't apologize to them.

My gas happens quite a lot. What can I do to help my gas?
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