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Gas related to Constipation?

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I constantly 24/7 have gas. Even after drinking water, I can't drink much because I keep needing to burp after drinking water. UGH, I absolutely hate it!!! It's hard to stand up and I always want to pull in with my abdominal muscles. I burp a lot after eating too. Is this all related to constipation because I am chronically slow transit? Or do unconstipated people ALSO get the same pains and bloating?Are most people that are bloated/distended constipated too?
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I always get gas and bloating when I'm constipated.
With my recent surgery, my constipation hasn't been a problem, hence my gas is better. Although I get bloated like a blimp after eating... doesn't seem to matter what I eat because not always the same food bloats me everytime. Go figure. :love: Belinda
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I am bloated/distended alot and I do drink alot of water. I sometime get spasms so bad in my lower left side I can even leave the bathroom. It happen less now since I have been on Z, but I still have problems. What do you do for the pain??
So two people said it IS related to constipation?
quote:So two people said it IS related to constipation?
Everyone on Earth could say so, and that still wouldn't make it true.
quote:I constantly 24/7 have gas. Even after drinking water, I can't drink much because I keep needing to burp after drinking water.
It has nothing to do with constipation, and nothing to do with water. Actually, burping doesn't necessarily mean gas, so if that is the only evidence, you'd need to beat on your abdomen and see if it sounds like a drum and more reliable would be a flat plate x-ray of your abdomen while standing.
quote:Although I get bloated like a blimp after eating
quote:I am bloated/distended alot
Where's the gas?
I know there's gas. Screw you, Flux. I see so many people arguing with you but I'm just not gonna take the time to make any valid points because you don't either.Anyhow, gas does move around in my stomach, when I touch it I feel it and yes, it DOES always feel like a drum. I just want replies of others with the same thing.
quote: it DOES always feel like a drum
Sounds like, I presume? Then that would suggest it's gas.
Hi ballandbiscuitI have IBS-C, and, yes, I also suffer from bloating and gas. Do you try to keep your abdominal muscles toned? I go to an abs workout once a week, amongst other things, and it definitely helps. I know that my symptoms get worse just before my period too.I hope you are feeling less like a drum today! I know what you mean by that...tummy stretched partner's a musician...sometimes I wonder if I could accompany him by beating on my tum!! Hope I made you smile!
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I have IBSC and have gas. I feel like someone is pushing on my abdomen all the time. Most this is on right side. At night I will wake up with an ache low down in pubic area. GI doctor says it is gas. I am presently taking metamucil and I find it is worse. Cannot eat all bran,apples with skin or grapes etc. I will really suffer the next day. Is anyone else taking metamucil and having this problem. I am thinking of stopping it. Usually this will happen in the mornings and by late afternoon I am feeling great. caeli
Don't take fiber... metamucil makes things worse for me, I think. If it does make you worse, you're most likely slow-transit.
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