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I'm about three months into IBS so far.

Oh and it's Post Infectious IBS-A

Thanks go my Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Red meat-free diet my painful bowel movements have almost completely disappeared. I still feel fatigued and sick in general, but not completely miserable :)

My big problem right now is Gas! I used to get it only when I slept at an angle, like with two pillows, but now I get it when I'm laying completely flat as well. I often wake up with cramps and pain from bloating and gas. I've tried using Gas-X but it doesn't work for me for some reason. Tea and Exercises I can't use while I'm sleeping. The only thing I've found that helps is Hyoscyamine. I'm not supposed to be taking it anymore since it didn't help with my eating habits but one night I was desperate for pain relief and sleep so I tried it. Worked wonders.

What have yall done for your gas pains during sleep?

My mother told me while she was sick with stomach problems for a year (same as mine) she had to sleep sitting up. That just sounds awful.
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