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Gave up everything, eat little and gaining weight

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Hi guysi have been reading all these posts and they confuse the hell out of me. Seriously, i have tried everything. I was hurting so much, I went down to 400 calories and i was still gaining weight. god what is this monster.
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I once just ate 400 cals a day because I was fixated on every lb. I gained, but it turned deadly and I sadly became anorexic. It's not the right path but I did learn a lot about diets and now want to become a dietetic but that's besides the point. The reason why your still gaining weight is because your metabolism slowed down so now your your 400 cals has turned into 4x the amount for your metabolism to digest. Slowly but surely the lbs will come off like they did for me, but then again I turned malnurished, Got 13 cavities for lack of nutrition, half the fullness of my hair and IBS. And it ruins my everyday living my life I would normally would've lived if I didn't deprive myself from food like I did. I got help from 4 different nutritionists and a eating disorder group and then had to go to many doctors for my health disorders and "Syndromes". So for the sake of your health please don't go down my path. I know it's not cheap but go to a nutritionist instead.....~Patrycja
Maybe it would be a good idea to see you doctor and see if you can both come up with an idea as to way you are gaining weight. I have no idea at all! I tend to lose weight with my IBS.
Damsel, did you have a thyroid test, if not ask for one. It is a simple blood test and could be worth looking into. Be persistant with your doc let him/her know how frustrated and scared you are. Take care.
Thanks guy,I have been asking for four months. The doctor tells me it is IBS and doesn't want to talk about it. Even though i have ammenorhea, i have elevated cholesterol, and elevated lipase and my tests show inflammation, but she hasn't done any standard tests, like glucose or thyroid.
yeah, definitely get that thyroid checked out...go to another doctor if you have to...which isn't always easy, i know that here where i am there aren't many doctors left taking new patients or that aren't booked up for weeks or that have friggin' evening hours! ugh...hehe...
I am from Canada too, so i definitly know how that is!!
i've had my thyroid checked a number of times (lots of problems with energy in the past), but always comes up fine...but my white blood cells always come up screwy and i think that this may be contributing to my tiredness--cuz it's like my body is fighting off an infection all the time when it isn't (at least not that i know of! then again, for all i know i have some infection i dont' know about cuz the docs won't listen)...i've gone to an internal med guy about the blood cell thing and he said it wasn't 'off' enough to worry about. gee thanks buddy
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