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GI said this was typical

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I will be constipated for 3 or 4 days on then (usually after lunch) I will get cramps and have a large BM that often involves D. My new doctor is supposedly the best in the large metro area where I live and she said she my symptoms are pretty typical for an IBS-C patient. Is she right? For years, I would be C and only have cramps and D once a month or so, but now this is a weekly occurence.
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Well, I guess it's good to know I'm "normal"! It still stinks, but at least I'm not surprised, usually. The dr. had me on Metamucil for awhile, but I told her I got too bloated so she switched me to Benefiber, which I find easier to take, but I haven't built myself up to the full dosage just yet. She also said to feel free to experiment with various fiber options if I think this isn't working and said to expect the occasional episode, of course. Occasional would be just fine with me!I'm also starting therapy need week at a large, local university's anxiety clinic in their psych. dept. It's a research program with CBT as one of the options, but I don't know if that the group they'll place me or not. I'm really looking forward to addressing the anxiety that's associated with IBS.Btw, what is an osmotic agent? I also take Align, but haven't seen any marked results yet. The dr. told me not to waste my money if it's not working, but I'm going to give it some more time b/c I usually forget to take it a couple of times a week.This dr. has been so good about explaining things to me, but I have forgotten a few things when I'm actually in her office. She said she has so many patients come to her after they've had huge workups done only to say they don't even know what their former doctors were testing for and not understanding what was going on with their bodies. I told her I was glad to live where we do - a place with some of the world's best doctors and hospitals - and while she said we were, indeed, lucky, reminded me that there are good doctors everywhere - you just have to look for them.
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