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GI said this was typical

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I will be constipated for 3 or 4 days on then (usually after lunch) I will get cramps and have a large BM that often involves D. My new doctor is supposedly the best in the large metro area where I live and she said she my symptoms are pretty typical for an IBS-C patient. Is she right? For years, I would be C and only have cramps and D once a month or so, but now this is a weekly occurence.
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That alternating back and forth is really common in IBSers.After being backed up for a few days the body can "over flush" to get that out and that can set you up for the next round of constipation as you get too empty.Often taking an osmotic agent every day so you go more regularly (or fiber if that works for you) will prevent the diarrhea. Taking meds to prevent the diarrhea tends to be counter productive as that tends to over constipated which sets you up for more diarrhea to get that out.After lunch is pretty common as that is one of the times the colon is more active. It is most active around the time you get up and then again after every meal.
Some call them osmotic laxatives.Basically they help hold water in the stool so it is easier to move. Osmosis is the movement of water into/out of things.Some are things sold as laxatives, like miralax. But some people don't need that much just to keep it moving so something like a magnesium oxide dietary supplement (from 200-800 mgs a day, the USRDA minimum is about 400 mgs a day). Some people use a stool softener which is basically the same sort of thing.
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