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Ginger root tea

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Has anyone tried taking ginger root tea before when having IBS? Does it help or make it worse?I am open to try anything to relive the bloatedness IBS is causing me and everyone else having this condition.....Aloys
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from all reports it works for bloating, it did when i got it a lot, havent had it for a while now so i havent tried it for ages.
Hi mikeyt333,Thanks, just 2 questions.....How long did u have to take for it to be effective? and how long more did you take to effectively having to stop taking it?
i think it was pretty quick to work...but i aint sure if it did actually cure it enough that my bloating more less stopped...that may have come about of its ownj accordsorry i cant be more help, but definatley try it!
no worries, mikeyt333, have been on it since yesterday, seems to make the bloating a little less painful, gonna continue it till it goes away....might be good for anyone else who is out of options to try this if it works for them....
see this link for why it may help of the studies have been with anti-nausea effects, but in the modes of action some things that may be useful for some IBSers are listed as well.K.
Ginger root tea seems to work quite well for me in taking away queasiness and bloating to some extent.The capsules are handy too if no fresh ginger is at hand.Just pull apart the capsule and add a little hot water to dissolve the powder if you want to make a tea.Bobbie
might hafta try this again...might help my even though im not getting bloat anymore
Ginger root tea and peppermint tea are my major standbys for bloating and gas.I've also found that not drinking carbonated beverages and not eating pasta and foods with high sugar content have helped me. I stick with chicken, fish, and beef in reasonable portions and lots of veggies. Since I'm diabetic that diet works best for that problem also.
ginger tea works wonder for nausea. for bloating try massaging your stomach with tiger balm (you can get it in chinatown). hot water bottle or hot pack help a lot too.
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