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Hi all,

I have posted before but now I'm at my wits end.

I've had ibs for years and had it well under control with the FODMAP diet, exercise, and Mezavant to reduce some intestinal inflammation. Also probiotics!

Thennn I got an anal fissure in September of this year. Ibs was the same until I had to start taking naproxen (a NSAID) and morphine for pain. I only took the naproxen for a week, but the morphine was taken in small doses on and off over the past several months.

I had surgery for the fissure three weeks ago and the butt is feeling better. But, since starating the medications above and having a colonoscopy (same time), I've had a gnawing pain under my breastbone that moves from centre to the left or right, and sometimes sharp pain in my sides. The gnawing pain/pressure is 24/7 all day. Feels like I need to belch but only get about 5 min relief when I do. I have also had soft stools but constipation - slow transit, but soft stool. I often have to use a suppository or enema to stimulate a bowel movement, otherwise I just don't go and end up constipated.

I am also very full and bloated all the time. I feel like my stomach just wants to hang out, like the muscles are exhausted.

Eating seems to make it worse. I feel better when I lie down and worse when I move around. I seem better in the morning - often pass lots of gas first thing, feel better, then worse as the day progresses.

My GI has done endoscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel MRI, and blood work/stool tests. Nothing has come up. He did a biopsy for hpylori - however I was antibiotics at the time so I don't know if it was an effective test. He is convinced now it is a visceral sensitivity issue and has me on amitryptiline. I haven't noticed any difference since being on it, but I did try stopping it after a month and had horrrible stomach cramps the next day.

The only time I felt better was when I was taking high doses of pain killer after surgery - it backed me up big time but my pain and gas was gone.

I did think perhaps it was withdrawal from the morphine, but I didn't take it for almost three months and had no improvement.

Was prescribed ppi's and used them for the prescribed time with no change. Not sure it is GERD as I have no reflux (no acid reflux, just gnawing pain and acid free burps). Gas x doesn't do anything.

I'm so tired. I've been dealing with the most painful fissure for a year and have lost my job, school, apartment, boyfriend, and life (I was a weightlifter and personal trainer). I have very little will to live anymore as the pain is unrelenting and nobody seems to have any ideas.

Im actually thinking on trying marijuana at this point as i can't think of what else to do.

Sorry for the long post - thanks to all who read

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Hi Gilmore girl, what a pain that you had things under control and now this! I haven't had any surgery or colonoscopy. I did wonder if your nerves had been affected, but I am not a doctor. A friend of mine purposefully burps when he feels a migraine. Weird how digestion affects the brain. He thinks something to do with vagus nerve? My husband had pain in his chest one time and thought of heart attack so went to the ER at hospital. They didn't know and then he decided to see his doctor a day or so later who diagnosed with h pylori. It causes heartburn too?
Hope you get some answers and relief. Keep looking.

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so sorry that you're still suffering from all this pain. that's miserable.

just throwing some things out there that came to mind...

re the gnawing pain. have you tried taking something like mylanta for that? i've had gnawing pain and was dx'd with GERD. i finally managed to control my symptoms with diet. i still get the pain from time to time but mylanta usually takes care of it.

maybe i asked you before, but have you been tested for SIBO--small intestine bacterial overgrowth. symptoms of sibo can include severe bloating, pain, and either D or C. i tested positive for it.

also--here's an article about another possible cause of bloating:

and yes, it could be that you have, as your doc says, visceral hypersensitivity, too. i've had that as well. no fun.

do you think your pain could be caused by colonic spasms. an anti spasmodic can help with that. although those can have C as a side effect. i used to take librax for my pain and spasms and found that it helped a lot but i didn't take it too often because of the possible C side effect.

a number of people here have found that CBD oil--and/or certain strains of marijuana-- helps a lot with their abdominal pain. i've found it very helpful for my migraines and other pain.

good luck. i do hope that somehow you can find some relief from all the pain.
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