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going away

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hi! havent posted in a while. hope everyone is well
im going to brum (birmingham) on friday with a couple of friends to see our friend at uni for the weekend. now. im really excited about it, however i am really worried bout my ibs! im really scared its going to play up and its going to be bad. all weeek i have been fine! but cant help worrying im going to be bad! also i know this isnt related to do with ibs but i got my period and omg i get such painful periods and they make my ibs worse (more D) and i get really moody! lol ahh just needed a vent! hope everyone is having a good week. lynsey xXx
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Hey Linsey, keep a posistive attitude and your chin up!! Try to think about how great it's gonna be going away and chiiling with mates. Think of everything BUT your IBS. (Easier said than done i know!!) I hope you have a great time and get an ibs free "holiday" !!Have fun!!!!!!Lisa
thanks lisa and joolie! im really looking forward to it, although its only a few days, i havent had a break away this year. hopefully going to be too busy to think about ibs! my mate has suggested going to an chinese all you can eat buffet on saturday though, do i dare?!! lol thanks for replies
hope you have both had a good day.joolie, hope you leg gets better take care xXx
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Linsey, this is such BAD advice, but my theory, if you have nothing to do the following day or 2, go for the dinner!!We have to enjoy ourselves a little! Just stock up on everything you may need to make yourself more comfortable if you do go!!ENJOY!!Lisa
Hope you have an IBS free holiday
Be glad your period arrived now and not while you were away! It sucks all the same though. Maybe do what Lisa said or if you have stuff to do go to the dinner but stick to fairly light bland types of dishes you know won't make you too sick.Have a blast
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thanks lisa, that is good advice
ill just take plenty of my tablets in case it backfires and im bad! either way i know i wont be able to resist it, come on chinese BUFFET! lolscreamer, as you say, i am glad my period has arrived now and not over the weekend for 2 reasons, 1) because my mood swings have died down now and 2) it could have been embarassing! but so far my period has been hell, i was up 4 hours last night with period pains and D YUK!!it just would not go away! i just hope im over the worst!sorry im moaning guys! hope you have a good day, i need to pack eeek! i hate packing!always worried i wont have enough! lynsey xXx
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Oh your coming my way! You going for a few drinkkies on Broad Street too?Have a good one!Mandy
hey mandy! dont think we are going to broad street this time. but last time i went my friends accomodation last yr was like five minutes away from broad street which was good! and next stop from new street! going to the bull ring saturday, will be good. im really looking forward to it, me and my to mates were talking bout it loads tonight, gettin all hyped up! ibs is still in the back of my mind though!hope everyone has had a good day/having a good day
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