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Going for colonoscopy - Question

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Hi,I have GERD and now have tentatively been diagnosed with IBS. I am going for my first colonoscopy (actually I'm going to make the appointment today).My question is this - if you have been diagnosed with IBS after a colonoscopy, what the the doctor actually see in your colon? If you have all of these symptoms, I can't imagine it looks completely perfect. Is it red? If it's inflammed, I would think you would be diagnosed with colitis. Just very curious. Thank you!
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In IBS the colon appears to looks normal.
This might help alsoCurrent Approach to the Diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
The first colonoscopy, my doc said I was clean as a whistle. The second (10 years later), I had one small polyp, rest fine. IBS is diagnosed if you have nothing showing positive, so if you are diagnosed with IBS, chances are good the colonoscopy will show all is fine - no redness, inflamation, etc.
I have had 2 colonsocopies in 2 1/2 years. Fisrt one said a few polyps all fine. Then second time he wanted to test for Crohns. It involves having to take a scraping. I was like why didn't they do that the first time?????? Hello! I have nothing better to do. At least they are pain free. The prep for it is the worst part of it. Just be prepared to sit on the pot all evening and night. Test no biggie.Good luck and take careKat
I really dont have a prob going in for colonoscopy's endoscopy's etc youll be fine... good luck let us know how you get on..
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