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Going from Normal BM to Loose Stool w/in 1 hr?

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Can't figure this out? The other day I had a normal BM and then took my kids to get a haircut (close to home) and suddenly felt urgency that I had to go. I was able to hold it in the car til I dropped them off and then went back home to use the bathroom. It was combination runs/loose stool. I'm confused why this happens when an hour ago it was normal. Things like this are what make us not trust our bodies. Anyone get this and do you know what causes it....or is it just somethings didn't get absorbed properly. I;m tired of trying to figure this stuff out...maybe I should just ignore it and move on, huh? By the way, I'm someone who doesn't have IBS symptoms every day (luckily)...maybe 2-4 times a month.
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Happens to me almost daily...except on those days when I'm totally D, of course.I think this is pretty common amongst D types.
That is a daily occurrance for me. However, I purposely make a second trip to the bathroom before I have left the house. If I am lucky, that is it for the day.
yEP, I think that's what they mean by the irritable in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Used to have this everyday; would start off C (little rabbit turds)and sometimes in the same sitting turn to very soft or runny. Things have improved some due to?? my best guess is regular exercise, high food source fiber, acidophelous(sp?), Caltrate, good luck...Urgency still when I need to go but not as loose as often.Since IBS is a motility problem, it can run the gambit quickly and unpredictably. If they could explain it they could cure it.
That type of reaction is what I deal with on a daily basis. When I am at work things seem to be worse which is really a pain. I work for a medical company so everytime we go into the cleanroom we have to make sure we are wearing all our sterile clothing.....head gear, smock, shoe covers, etc. So when I feel that urgency it is always made worse with the fact that I may not make it out of the clean room on time. Some nights I am in and out 6 times in two hours. I still have not been able to pinpoint a trigger food that couses this but it always happens right after I eat dinner. I am not sure if it has something to do with the fact that I am on my feet all night because at home it is not as bad. But I change from normal(for me) to "d" to "c" everytime I use the restroom.....I have no idea what causes this and am getting really tired of it.Now I have a question for you all......this morning I woke up with a sharp burning pain in my right lower side.......any ideas guys??? This whole thing has me so confused.
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One hour? Try the same sitting!:)
Oh the Pain....too funny (i know it's not but your post did make me laugh). Actually, I have had that too but not lately.
Happens to me all the time,don't know why,one minute I'm fine and the next I'm running for a bathroom.------------------ShyOne (D-type)
Yes, this happens regularly. My theory is your colon gets in the go mode...with the contractions etc an cannot stop until it's all empty. This is where the meds come in handy. If this were happening to you everyday I would say try Immodium...or even the calcium to solidify things some. That makes it harder to come on through. But it may be jsut nerves or anxiety about getting out of the house on certain days.
what you describe is the nature of the beast that lives within many of us!!
Oh yeah. That happens to me all the time. One minute I think I'm C, the next it's normal, the next it's D. This in a hour or two. When I'm not feeling C, that is. *sigh*
Happens to me daily too. First BM is loosely formed but still has its shape, then 20 mins comes even looser ones and and progresses to get looser and more watery. (I have 3-6 BMs every morning)I also noticed that I have a lot of stool! I'm sure normal people don't have that much everyday! Why is this so?<< SiMoN >>
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