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Going nutz

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About 1.5 months ago I saw a new GI doc.After looking at all my tests he decided I had IBS. He put me on amitriptyline and told me to take imodium advance. My bowel movements have improved alot. I'm only on the can 1-2 times a day now.Very seldom do I have to take immodium. This helps, but I still have the damn constant pain.Last night I woke up in the middle of the night in pretty bad pain. It felt like someone ripped me open and squeezed my intestines and stomach or another way I could describe it as having a hot knife stuck in me.It's mainly around the belly button. All day long I have a tight, burning,throbbing and sore feeling there. It feels like a sunburn almost or how it feels when you haven't worked out for awhile and you over do it and your muscles are sore and achy the next day. What the hell is this? also what is causing the growling? I don't really have excess gas. I noticed my stools are pretty light. Is this a cause for concern? Please help!
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If you are worried you should go back and see your specialist (or if you don't like them see a new one) or even a good doctor. I too struggle with the pain. I've managed to control my D problem pretty much but I'm in 24 hour a day pain too. Generally the growling is either hunger, food digesting or a good bout of wind. Sometimes I think my tummy just growls because it wants to be heard. I know it's frustrating but hang in there. There are loads more things to try, search around the boards and you'll come up with lot's of idea's. Good luck, I hope you find something soon. Oh just a thought you could also mention antispasmodics to your specialist. They can help with the pain although can tend to cause constipation (always clogged me up too much so weren't much use). There are some you can get over the counter too like Buscopan and Donnatel or you can also try peppermint capsules or tea.
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