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Hi guys

I have been having constipation issues for almost a year now, and for the past 4 months, my GI doc and I have agreed to put me on something that usually works really well for me. I have been using golytely as an everyday med for 4 months now, and I go through a jug about every 3-4 days. I havent had any constipation since this week, so I would say it has been doing it's job nicely. I have pelvic floor disfunction, so my GI says this is only a "band-aid" while i go through biofeedback and PT.

Anyway... this week I have been doing my normal golytely but only going liquid yellow, no stools at all since tuesday. I had an x ray on tuesday at my doctors office and he says I wasn't really constipated, I was had a normal ammount of stool in me, with a lot of gas. That night I wanted to do kind of a colon cleanse deal. I didn't eat, and did a whole jug of golytely and pooped again, clear green/yellow liquid with no stool. Never happens. Yesterday (friday) my abdominal pain got worse so I went back to the doc and had another x-ray, which showed almost the same ammount of stool just that it had moved down. The doctor said there was no blockage or anything, and that it should come out eventually. But this never happens, golytely is always foolproof, and now that I know that there is actually stool in my bowels, why isn't it emptying with the top notch laxitive?

Any suggestions on what to do next would be helpful!
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