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Not sure how things happen sometimes but I wanted to share this with you. A few years ago I was told I had Type two diabetes. I was put on a few different drugs and also around the same time found out I had sleep apnea.

A few months after I started to have a lot of gas and my bowels were having big changes. This got worst and worst. It became a real pain in the a--! I talked to doctor after doctor about it. I had acid burning and cut feelings each time I had a bowl movement or took a shower. I went to this doctor and that doctor and was told I had pruritus by one and fishers by another.

Well I tried stopping my meds to see if things would improve. Maybe it help a little but I didn't have a big change like I wanted.

My rectum problem went on for over two years.. What I now believe was the cause of it was Orbit Bubblemint Gum or whats in this gum! Yes sounds crazy right? Well when I was told I had diabetes I looked for something to help be stop eating sweets. I started to chew sugar free Orbits which has Sorbitol in it. Yes I was chewing way to much of it day after day.

Around three months ago I quit chewing this gum and each week my bowels have been improving. I am so happy that I found out what the problem was for me after more that two years.

Just wanted to share this info in case anyone else is on the same path I was taking. They say we are what we eat or in my case chew!
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