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Gurgling sounds in my stomach

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They happen mostly at night when I'm trying to go to sleep or in the morning IF any one experience the same symptoms do tell?
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My husband sometimes has the loudest stomach when we first go to bed, but his guts are cast iron, nary a problem. I find mine will be noisy if I've had something to drink just before going to bed - actually now that i think of it my hubbie can actually make his "slosh" if he's just had a drink before laying down by moving his stomach back and forth. Good for a laugh! I wouldn't worry, just part of the digestive process.Kylie
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Mine does this a lot!! When my husband and I first got married 7 years ago, it was SO EMBARRASSING to have to listen to my stomach rumble when we were trying to go to sleep. Finally, we bought a box fan, and that at least camoflauges the noise. But I find that my stomach makes the most noise when I first wake in the morning, and also right after I eat. OH, and if I am ANYPLACE quiet, I can just about count on some noise
CHURCH?? Well, my stomach sings her own hymns, and talks back to the preacher the whole sermon. HOW EMBARRASSING
!! This might be why I watch T.V. church now
I just try to laugh about it. I'm stressed out about a lot of things dealing with my Colitis, but to be honest, the noises are the least of my worries
If I could get rid of the D and the anxiety, I'd be happy as a lark!! You're definitely not alone!!
Take care...
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