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I am new to the group and need some help. I had IBS © for many years. Since last year, I have experienced feeling extremely bloating, belching (causing bad chest pain)and increase cramp. Recently, I had stool analysis from Great Smokies. The test showed the bactarial (Citrobacter freundii)infection is extreme (normal 0.4 vs my is 20 on the bacterial index)high. In the past few weeks, My bloating, gas, cramp, belching and burning chest pain is getting worse and worse. My GI told give me Xannax to relax for the belching(didn't help). I take a lot of good bacteria and FOS. Also take Peracid which didn't help chest pain and belch. The antibotic made worse. I can hardly eat anything due to the burning chest pain and belch. I wonder if these have a lot to do with the bacteria. If so how can I treat it.It is getting worse day by day.Any input will be greatly appreciate!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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