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Had Surgery,Need to have D

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I just had a hysterectomy 10 days ago and I am doing ok except for the IBS-C. I am used to doing 2 fleet enemas a day to relieve this but they don't want me to do this while healing. I have tried Lactulose, Amitiza,Zelnorm,etc. The problem is that all these things only work a little and then I still have to use the fleets even though I am not suppose too.It hurts right now to have a BM so I am trying to think of something to take that will give me D every morning. What a thing to wish for huh? Of course the doctors and nurses think I am a head case but then again they do not have IBS and are not suffering from a surgery. Thanks for any ideas.
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Hi, My name is Jackie and along with zelnorm I am also given the rx Polyethylene glycol 3350, nf powder. That helps me have a bm every morning. I have never had any type of surgery or hysterectomy. So you should just ask your doctor whathe knows about this. I just add it to whatever I drink 1time daily. Hopefully this helps. and Happy healing. jackie- chicago
Nomie,Have you been taking pain meds since the surgery. Many times they can cause constipation and the inactivity too can add to the problemLinda
No, not taking any pain meds except advil.It is just very painful to pass anything except D right now.
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