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Hi Everyone I have had d for over 20 years Like most of you Ihave been the Lomotil, Benytl, Questran et route Irecently had some of he wosrt D of my life an d was chained to my house About ten days ago Istarted Lotronex My Gastro had been ruluctant about giving it to me because of my age Iam 72 and the fact the Drpe Vein Throbosis and had blood clots in the past

For the first five days, it worked fine Then I started to feel stuffed up and uncomfortabe l became constipated and called my doctor Friday The ytold me to stop ithe Lotronex and get some Miralax which I did It is working slowly and little ahem by little Ihave had some terrbl gas, bloating and cramping I also got some high fiber cereals

I had teought about doing a clean out with Duclax bur have been reluctant I guess now it back to the Lotmotil/ Benytl for m eAnybody got any other suggestions All help would be depply appreciated Thanks so much Rose
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