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Had Your Test Yet, Ronty93????

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It now Tuesday evening, and I hope you have had the blood work done for Celiac Sprue - if indeed they can tell something without an endoscope..... LET US KNOW, Stomach Troubles
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hi rontySorry to hear the md didn t take you seriously.You have to be persitant about your needs,and what you want.I'm happy that you r feeling a bit better.Are you still bleeding?When are you going to see your "real" md.?I'm not having the best time of my life........I'll get tru it...take care
i m happy thing are looking up for you.continu in that least you are on the right track.take care------------------Fuzzz (Fed up w IBS)
I'm very happy for you Rontry thing are going better.I'v tried to e-mail you but doesn t work ,i think.Yes I'm on both BB.(www,ibsgroup)its a good place.Come.I'm still not int he best shape,but working on itTake care
------------------Fuzzz (Fed up w IBS)
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hi stomach troubles and rontryI'm happy to see you both are doing better.I don t know how your going to get me well stomach troubles(hahaha).I'm very complicated.Rontry,are you stiil having blood in the stool.?what did the doc. say about it?God bless us all.....------------------Fuzzz (Fed up w IBS)
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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